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ceo "Thank you for your interest in Migun Thermal Massage Beds.

Throughout this web site, you will learn how Migun offers the most interesting alternative health products on the market today, products that combine Eastern medicine with Western technology.

In 1988, Migun was the first company to patent and introduce thermal massage beds. Migun proudly became one of the fastest growing companies in South Korea, and we have the Golden Industrial Merit Award from the President of Korea to prove it. Migun is ready to bring our experience, research, and development to the worldwide market due to the growing popularity of alternative medicine in the United States and the rest of the world.Migun is internationally recognized in the field of alternative health care and our efforts to achieve better health for everyone in the world will not cease.

We at Migun will continue to develop products that benefit your health and well-being knowing that our success depends on your satisfaction."

Migun Medical Instrument Co. Ltd.