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Double Size Healthy Mat

Massage Modes

Healthy Mat
  For the Upper back and legs.
  For the Lower back and legs
  For a deep finger pressure treatment. (Each massage head pauses at various acupressure points to provide stimulation.)
  For a full length massage without deep plessure therapy' (No pause for pressure)
  For abdomen area only. (A continuous and soothing massage while lying on your stomach.)
  For a deeper linger pressure treatment. (Each massage headpauses longer than P4 mode.) (On/y available on the UM)
  Use manual mode to control massage speed,
pressure, and frequency .

Model No
ED-101 (Queen)
110~240V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption
ED-101 : 420W
Heat Emitting Wire
Non-magnetic thermal wire, AC220V
Temperature Adjustment Method
ED-101 : 33 kg / 1524 mm x 2032 mm
Mat Temperature
1. Built-in circuit to prevent excessive temperature inside the mat (using bimetal 205ºF)
2. Use of natural fiber and copper plate to block current from the earth and electromagnetic waves
3. Use of antibiotic and antibody natural fibers
4. Use of non-magnetic thermal wire that does not emit magnetic fields
5. Use of far infrared ray emitting a "new hundred year old stone"


Healthy Mat

  Dual-sideTemperature Control
The Migun Healthy Mat features a dual-side temperature control system that allows two people on the same bed to adjust the temperature to their preference.
  Cool Summer
Conventional thermal mats are used only during winter months, but the 100 year old stones on our Migun Healthy Mat offer a cool and comfortable surface to relax on during the hot surnnr months as well.

What are Far Infrared Rays?

The Migun Mat’s amazing technology uses Far Infrared Rays, which refer to a specific type of light that exists
beneath the visible spectrum. While all light transfers energy from one place to another, infrared, literally meaning“below red”, specifies the emanation of heat energy.

When the heat system in the Migun Mat is turned on, infrared rays enter 4~5 cm into the skin. Far Infrared Rayshave been proven to increase blood circulation, metabolism, and boost the immune system. They can positivelyaffect muscles on the skin, blood vessels, lymphs, and even nervous system.

In simple terms, the Far Infrared rays cause cells in these body parts to resonant. The Far Infrared Rays heat bodyfrom within expanding arteries and veins which revitalize blood circulation, and strengthen metabolism, thuseffecting chemical reactions in the cells. The results are purified blood and strengthened ability to revitalize.

*NASA concluded in the 1980's that Far Infrared stimulation is the ideal way for astronauts to maintain
cardiovascular conditioning during long space flights.

What is Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF)?

Electromagnetic waves are made up of a combination of electric waves and magnetic waves. Together this is
known as Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF). This EMF causes Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). Between the
magnetic waves and electric waves, the magnetic waves have been proven to be especially harmful to your body.

These are also the most difficult to neutralize in protecting our health. Studies show long-term exposure to
electromagnetic waves can lead to leukemia, a lower sperm count in men, and irregular menstruation in women or possibly even birth defects. In severe cases, electromagnetic waves can cause miscarriage and brain tumors.

This is where the eight patented layers of the Migun Healthy Mat steps in: it is designed to totally neutralize EMFwaves! When the Migun Mat neutralizes harmful EMF waves, it allows you to achieve both, the deep healingNREM (non-rapid eye movement sleep) and REM (rapid Eye Movement sleep). Both sleep stages are very important for your healing. Awaking undisturbed from REM allows you to feel more refreshed and vibrant thanhaving your sleep cycle disrupted. Studies have also shown you age faster when you don’t sleep well. So get your healthy sleep now with a Migun Mat!

womanSleep is a very important element in maintaining our health.
Statistics show a 20-year trend of Americans reporting less sleep. Deep sleep is key to reducing stress, toxins in our bodies, and maintaining regular cycles of deep (NREM), and Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
sleep is the key to a longer healthier life.

When we live an average of 75 years, we are sleeping for a total of about 219,000 hours. That's 25 years!
The difference as to whether you took care of your health for the last 25 years of your life is very significant. Imagine 25 years of abusing yourself with inadequate and restless sleep.

Introducing our latest in healthy living products, the Migun Healthy Mat and Mini Mat are the next step in bringing natural health into your home. Constructed with eight durable layers, the Healthy Mat createsa healthful atmosphere for your home by generating far infrared rays and completely neutralizing harmful electromagnetic waves.

The Migun Healthy Mat is the “healthy sleep system” that integrates natural and modern science that can help you attain quality undisturbed sustained sleep.

img2 New”lOO Year Old Stone”
The Queen size Healthy Mat is comprised of 86 small flat stones formed from a special composite of six minerals (germanium, feldspar porphyry tourmarlin. zeolite. precious serpentine, and ceramic). These stones are not made with any coating method. rather they are baked at 2460°F which crystallizes the ‘100 Year Old Stone.” These small flat stones are then placed on a cushioned surface for your comfort.

img3 No Harmful Electromagnetic Waves
The Migun Healthy mat does not emit harmful electro-magnetic waves that can disrupt your healthy flow of energy. These waves can cause miscarriage, birth defects. leukemia. and other diseases.

img4 Far Infrared Rays
The Migun Healthy Mat’s patented technology also uses Far Infrared Rays. which refer to a specific type of light (heat energy) that exists beneath the visible spectrunt When the heat system in the Healthy Mat is turned on infrared rays enter 4-5 cm intothe skin. Far Infrared rays have been proven to increase blood circulation, the lymphatic system. metabolism, and boost the immune system


HY-7000UMThermal Massage bed
35 min.
For a full-length massage and therapeutic treatment specific to the back, waist and legs.

31 min.
For the upper back and legs.

30 min.
For the lower back and legs.

24 min.
For a deep finger pressure treatment. (Each massage head pauses at various acupressure points to provide stimulation)

15 min
For a full-length massage without deep pressure therapy. (No pause for pressure)

15 min.
For abdomen area only. (A continuous and soothing massage while lying on your stomach)

M (P7)
Use manual mode to control massage speed, pressure and frequency.

24 min.
For a deeper finger pressure treatment. (Each massage head pauses longer than P4 mode)

Lower body Massage function

Remote controller